Next Event: October 20th

Registration Forms

Per the 2018 Rulebook, registration is required by completing a GIS Registration Form and completing and signing an IRS Form W-9. At the event, the check will be made payable to the person or business listed as the "1099 Goes To:" section of the registration form. Said person or business must provide mailing address and Tax ID/SSN on the W-9 form, along with a signature. No check will be issued for the competing driver if these forms are not completed and signed.

Driver Registration Form

Please download, fill out, and return via email ( or via fax (912-386-0107). You may also turn in at the event.

IRS Form W-9

This form must be completed and signed by the person or business marked on the registration form in section "1099 Goes To:".

Other Links


Here's a quick link to our rulebook for 2018. Physical copies are available in the office on event days.

Schedule of Events

Here's a quick link to our schedule! Also available is a printable version!