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The Fastest DIrt Track In The South

The Fastest DIrt Track In The South

Witness the high speed, adrenaline pumping, door to door action this year at Golden Isles Speedway. Click here to see our 2022 schedule.

The Fastest DIrt Track In The South

The Fastest DIrt Track In The South

Witness the high speed, adrenaline pumping, door to door action this year at Golden Isles Speedway. Click here to see our 2022 schedule.

Race Day Info

What time do the races start and end?

  • Hot laps start promptly at 6:30p.m. We try to be completed with our event by 10:30p.m. but, depending on a few different things it is unpredictable to state an exact time.

What time do the gates open?

  • Our pit entrance open's at 2pm.
  • Grandstand entrance open's at 3:30 p.m.

Where can I purchase tickets?

  • Here at GIS, we have two locations for event ticket purchases on the day of a race. We have a pit entrance ticket booth and we have a grandstands entrance ticket booth.

What are your admission prices?

  • Pit Admission: Adult $30.00 / Age 6-12 $15 / 5 & Under Free
  • Grandstand Admission: Adult $15.00 / 12 & Under Free
  • Admission prices are subject to change depending on the event being held at the time.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

  • Yes, we do accept credit cards anywhere on the grounds. There will be a fee associated with the use of any credit card.

Is camping available?

  • Partial and Full hook up camping is available year-round here at GIS. No rig too big, our campsites can accommodate all sizes.
  • Partial Hook up's have electric and water. 50 or 30 AMP available.
  • Full Hook up's have electric, water, and sewer. 50 or 30 AMP available.
  • To reserve a camping site please contact the office at 912-386-0061 or email us at Gisdirt@yahoo.com

Are coolers allowed in the grandstands?

  • We do allow a lunchbox size cooler in the grandstands. Coolers cannot take up a seat and are subject to be searched if asked.
  • Absolutely NO GLASS

Are propane heaters allowed in the grandstands?

  • We will allow a SMALL propane heater. Example: Mr. Buddy Propane heater (Dimensions: L x W x H (in.) 7 x 13 x 15).
  • If your propane heater is bigger than the above mentioned, we are allowed to refuse you to bring it in. We want to give you the option to stay comfortable in the cold temperatures but, keeping a safe environment for all is our overall goal.

Do you have handicap accommodations?

  • We offer Handicap parking, located outside of the general admission entrance.
  • We have an easily accessible concrete slab reserved as handicap where the race can be enjoyed from.

Will I be charged for my ATV?

  • We do charge a fee for ATV passes. Fee's change depending on scheduled event.
  • Driver's: We provide you ONE free ATV pass yearly if you are using your ATV to help operate your team. You will be given this pass. Whatever ATV you choose to put it on will be your ATV for the year. If lost, ATV pass will not be replaced.

Trackside Parking

  • Trackside Parking is an accommodation where we allow you to pay to drive your vehicle in the pit's and back up alongside of the fence to enjoy a great nice of racing!
  • Trackside Parking is $25.00 for a regular event. (Price is subject to change for larger events)
  • Trackside Parking passes are sold at the pit entrance ticket booth.
  • Trackside Parking is located in the pits which means a pit pass is required. It is an additional fee on top of your pit pass.


  • GIS has an enclosed room on the second floor that accommodates up to 25 people.
  • VIP can be rented during any event at the track.
  • The VIP SUITE has a lot to offer. Such as heating and a/c, private bathroom located downstairs, an outside deck, high-top tables, counter height seating, personal fridge, etc.
  • Food is catered to our VIP SUITE for LARGER events.
  • Weekly shows require a minimum of 6 people to reserve the VIP SUITE.
  • All access pass that will take you anywhere on our grounds, included with price of VIP admission.


  • GIS offers SKYBOX SUITE seating to be rented as well. Skyboxes overlook the racetrack and are located on the second story of our grandstands.
  • Private Skybox that holds up to 15 people.
  • Heating and A/C inside the private skybox.
  • Counter Height seating with a complete view of the entire track.
  • No minimum amount of people required for any show to rent skybox.
  • All access pass that will take you anywhere on our grounds, included with price of Skybox admission.

Can I advertise my business at your racetrack?

  • GIS would be happy to have your sponsorship for the year.
  • We have multiple 8ft by 16ft billboard options that can display your business logo and any information you would like on it. Included in the cost would be a year's worth of billboard sponsorship, supply of the design which we get your approval of, and installation.
  • We have 2ft by 8ft metal sign options located on the front stretch of the grandstands that face the track. Included in price will be the metal sign itself and the installation of the sign.
  • Special event sponsorship is available also. See an upcoming event you would like to raise the purse on by being a title sponsor? We can make it happen all while advertising your business on all of our social media sites, flyers, and at the track.
  • Looking for your business to be advertised as sponsoring a lap, a certain placement, a certain division, or even tack onto the overall all paying purse? We can make that happen as well.
  • Please contact Amber or Kyle Bronson for more information on any of these topics listed. Phone: 912-386-0061 Email: Gisdirt@yahoo.com

Can I be a vendor at your event?

  • Vendors are welcome at all events.
  • Vendors are to fill out "Vendor Form" before any event.
  • There is a vendor fee requirement that is subject to change with larger held events.
  • Payment is collected at our office before any event.
  • Vendor is required to carry their own insurance and must provide a Certificate of Insurance to the track with us listed as the additional insured party.
  • 2 complimentary grandstand passes are provided to you by the track for each vendor.

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Driver Registration

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